April 12, 2017 Last Updated 10:13 am

Racial justice group ‘Color of Change’ submits briefing to British media regulator against Murdoch bid to acquire Sky plc

NEW YORK, NY – April 12, 2017 – Color Of Change, the largest online civil rights organization in the United States, submitted a briefing to the British media regulator Ofcom today. The briefing urges Ofcom to complete an independent investigation into racial discrimination and sexual harassment at Fox News and 21st Century Fox before allowing 21st Century Fox’s bid to take over Sky plc, the major European media company, to move forward

Rashad Robinson, Executive Director, Color Of Change:

“A corporation that allows sexual predators and racists like Bill O’Reilly to harass employees with impunity should not be allowed to endanger anyone else.

“But that’s exactly what may happen if 21st Century Fox is allowed to acquire Sky plc, one of the largest media companies in Europe. That’s why we’re calling on the British media regulator Ofcom to complete an independent investigation into corporate practices at 21st Century Fox before allowing the deal to move forward. The safety of Sky’s tens of thousands of employees depends upon it. 

“Color Of Change has been fighting to hold Fox News accountable for its discriminatory behavior for years, including our current campaign calling on advertisers to drop ‘The O’Reilly Factor.’ It is clear that 21st Century Fox has made little if any effort to address its culture of rampant sexual harassment and racial discrimination and we cannot allow Sky’s employees to fall victim to this toxic corporate culture.

“Ofcom has an obligation to block this acquisition if 21st Century Fox does not meet the standard of a ‘fit and proper owner’—and there is ample which suggests it does not. Ofcom has a responsibility to closely investigate what’s transpired at the Murdochs’ other companies before them control of another one.”

Color Of Change joins Avaaz and UltraViolet who are launching similar calls on Ofcom.

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