April 11, 2017 Last Updated 3:32 pm

RBmedia launches digital media distribution platform, acquires Audiobooks.com

The company is backed by the private equity firm Shamrock Capital and includes the publishing imprints Recorded Books, HighBridge Audio, Tantor Media, ChristianAudio, W.F. Howes (UK), and Wavesound (Australia)

Landover, Maryland – April 11, 2017 — Today marks the launch of RBmedia, a global leader in spoken audio content and digital media distribution technology. As both a producer and distributor of bestselling works, RBmedia counts more than 700,000 digital content titles in its portfolio, including everything from audiobooks to eMagazines, courses, comics, games, and many others.

Through the company’s technology platform, consumers around the world can access premium digital media titles from their smartphones, tablets, Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™, Apple Watch®, connected homes, and computers. RBmedia can now reach more consumers than any competitor.

“RBmedia is the only company that brings together all three key elements of spoken audio and digital media distribution,” says Tom MacIsaac, Chief Executive Officer of RBmedia. “Not only do we produce top-quality spoken audio content, we’ve also built a digital media technology platform to deliver hundreds of thousands of digital media titles, and we reach millions of consumers around the world through numerous channels. No one else in the industry has that kind of depth and breadth across both spoken audio and digital media distribution.”

Uniting global leaders in digital media

Backed by Shamrock Capital, a leading media and entertainment private equity firm, RBmedia now reaches millions of consumers across 38 countries and brings together eight leading brands in two areas: publishing and distribution platforms.

  • RBmedia’s worldwide publishing imprints include Recorded Books, HighBridge Audio, Tantor Media, ChristianAudio, W.F. Howes (UK), and Wavesound (Australia).
  • The company’s distribution platforms reach consumers:
    • Directly via its newly acquired com platform (also announced today)
    • Through 10,000+ library partners, enabling library patrons to enjoy premium digital content — regardless of their ability to pay
    • Via consumer digital resellers like Amazon Audible®

Exclusive titles, the best authors, and an array of digital media

RBmedia is the largest audiobook publisher in the world. Its proprietary catalog of more than 30,000 premium titles includes works by Danielle Steel, J.R.R. Tolkien, Dean Koontz, dozens of Newbery Medal winners, and many other leading authors. To produce its top-quality spoken audio content, RBmedia uses professional narrators, top directors, and award-winning actors.

Based on its extensive consumer reach, RBmedia is uniquely positioned to best monetize authors’ works for spoken audio. What’s more, RBmedia leverages advanced technology to identify and bring emerging authors to the spoken audio market.

Landover, Maryland – April 11, 2017 — RBmedia, a newly launched global leader in spoken audio content and digital media distribution technology, today announced its acquisition of Audiobooks.com, an innovator in the on-demand audiobooks sector. With Audiobooks.com, RBmedia not only produces bestselling spoken audio content, it also offers a technology platform that distributes more than 700,000 digital media titles. RBmedia has unparalleled consumer reach through Audiobooks.com, 10,000+ library partnerships, and consumer digital resellers.

An app-based subscription service, Audiobooks.com provides access to more than 100,000 bestsellers and classics. Subscribers can listen on any Internet-enabled device via a free app for Apple® and Android™. Audiobooks.com is also available via Sonos®, tvOS, Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™, and in-car infotainment systems in select GM, Jaguar, and Land Rover vehicles. Audiobooks.com combines the convenience of streaming and downloadable listening with proprietary Cloud Bookmarking technology, allowing users to synchronize bookmarks across all devices.

“RBmedia’s focus is on producing and delivering premium spoken audio content and pushing the boundaries of technical innovation,” says Tom MacIsaac, Chief Executive Officer of RBmedia. “By adding Audiobooks.com to our suite of companies, we are now able to deliver audiobooks from bestselling and award-winning authors directly to millions of consumers, in addition to providing unmatched spoken audio production and digital media distribution capabilities.”

Today, RBmedia also announced its launch. With a presence in 38 countries, RBmedia brings together eight leading brands in spoken audio content and digital media distribution technology. RBmedia can reach more consumers than any competitor delivering premium digital content anytime, anywhere.

“Our commitment to the customer experience has driven our innovation in spoken audio technology,” says Ian Small, General Manager of Audiobooks.com. “Joining forces with RBmedia gives us the opportunity to elevate our reach to an even larger audience of audiobook listeners around the world.”

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