April 3, 2017 Last Updated 3:58 pm

In time for Opening Day, OZY Media launches a sports section: The Huddle

The new section will be led by OPZY reporters Matt Foley, Libby Coleman, Eugene S. Robinson, and Sean Braswell

Mountain View, Calif. – April 3, 2017—OZY Media, the daily information source for important stories told nowhere else, announced today the launch of OZY’s sports section, “The Huddle”. The section, a natural evolution of OZY’s inside-track sports coverage, will provide readers a centralized platform with deep-dive features, breaking news and the latest on the rising stars you need to know, from the court to the slopes.

OZY.COM attracts over 25 million monthly unique users, offering 100 percent original content, with a focus on the future. “The Huddle” is committed to surfacing the up-and-coming trends in the games you love, the athletes racing to claim a throne and the forgotten tales of sports legends. Led by OZY reporters, Matt Foley, Libby Coleman, Eugene S. Robinson, and Sean Braswell “The Huddle” will shine light on the boxer from Newark who is pounding flesh, illuminate the trend that will decide the Super Bowl, and sit down with all-stars and Hall-of-Famers.

In the ideation of the sports section, OZY put out a call to readers to send in their name recommendations. Patrick McGarry, Senior Project Manager, PROJECT MANAGEMENT ADVISORS, INC., submitted the winning entry “The Huddle”, as selected by OZY editors.

“Following OZY’s mission of uncovering the new and the next, ‘The Huddle’ allows us to bring our readers to the forefront of the sports arena,” says Carlos Watson, OZY co-founder and CEO. “In an industry that has the power to produce riots, churn billions of dollars in revenue, and create legends that will never be forgotten, ‘The Huddle’ will provide OZY readers an edge on the future of sports.”

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