March 31, 2017 Last Updated 4:02 pm

Alley Interactive releases WordPress Apple News plug-in bug fix update

The update fixes a long list of bugs, while previously updates had involved adding new features such as the addition of themes or adding additional styling options

The WordPress plug-in used by many digital publishers to publish to Apple News received an update today, designed to fix a long list of bugs. The list of bugs do not list anything very obvious, but may prevent some of the error messages that often dogs the convenient solution.

The update brings the plug-in up to version 1.2.5.

The previous updates have been more oriented to new features such as adding the ability to create themes, or add cover art.

Still, the one change I know a lot of publishers would like to see is one that involves third party advertising. Most publishers continue to not monetize their Apple News content directly through advertising, but instead use the app to drive digital subscriptions.

Here is the changelog for this update:


  • Bugfix: Fixed version of PHPUnit at 5.7.* for PHP 7.* and 4.8.* for PHP 5.* in the Travis configuration to fix a bug with incompatibility with PHPUnit 6
  • Bugfix: Set the base URL for the Apple News API to everywhere for better adherence to official guidance in the API docs (props to ffffelix for providing the initial PR)
  • Bugfix: Made the administrator email on the settings screen no longer required if debug mode is set to “no”
  • Bugfix: Converted the error that occurs when a list of sections cannot be retrieved from the API to a non-fatal to fix a problem where the content of the editor would appear white-on-white
  • Bugfix: Resolved an error that occurs on some systems during plugin activation on the Add New screen due to a duplicated root plugin file in the version of the plugin

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