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Valassis touts mobile solutions for driving in-store foot traffic

The press release below is your fairly standard release bragging about marketing solutions. But the releases touches on two important areas where marketers are concentrating these days: mobile and driving in-store traffic (and sales, of course).

Publishers have made shopper marketing a priority in in fits and starts, sometimes hiring an expert, but then having that person be first laid off in the next round of downsizing.

One reason this area is hard for many publishers is that it feels like it conflicts with standard ad sales. After all, the same CPGs are doing the advertising.

But the money for most of these in-store efforts are in another bucket, one outside that funding full page print ads. Even outside the standard digital ad budget.

The sales process is also much different. Sales people must reach in deeper with the brands, with the agency brought in later in some cases.

So, while reading about companies like Valassis and what they are doing may seem awfully peripheral, it really isn’t, and some companies are seeing. So are some publishers, though their commitment to this area remains shaky.

Here is the Valassis announcement:

LIVONIA, Mich. – March 28, 2017 — Valassis, a leader in intelligent media delivery, today announced its cross-device retail campaigns drive more in-store foot traffic, beating industry benchmarks as proven by attribution studies.

Worldwide internet usage via mobile devices surpassed desktop in October 2016 and there is no indication of the trend reversing. This makes mobile attribution and tracking even more critical for marketers. In-store consumer foot traffic studies deliver resolute proof that precisely-targeted cross-device campaigns are effective. These studies measure ad exposure to store visit, helping retail marketers gauge the impact their campaigns have on consumers visiting brick and mortar stores.

In 2016, the percent of Valassis campaigns with lift detected was 27 percent more than the percent of retail industry campaigns with lift detected. Valassis campaigns drove 111 percent higher store visit lift than the retail lift benchmark, according to foot traffic attribution studies from Placed Inc., the unbiased leader in location-driven insights and offline attribution.

“Consumers engage along the path to purchase throughout their day via multiple devices, relying heavily on the convenience of mobile,” said Cali Tran, president, Valassis Digital. “To be among the consideration set, brands must deliver the right message at the right time and have a method to measure the impact of those efforts. At Valassis, we adhere to the highest quality standards for verification, ad viewability and fraud protection and we consistently outperform retail industry benchmarks for our clients, who utilize foot traffic studies to prove in-store lift.”

“The key to maximizing advertising ROI lies in measuring both digital and physical world activity,” said Jim Watson, senior vice president, strategy and operations, Placed, Inc. “By leveraging billions of location signals across the largest opt-in location audience, Placed is able to quantify ad exposure to store visit and deliver actionable insights based on real-world consumer behavior. Compared to Placed’s industry benchmarks, Valassis consistently returned results above benchmarks for retail cross-device campaigns when it comes to driving in-store foot traffic.”

To learn more about how Valassis executes successful campaigns for its clients, click here.

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