March 24, 2017 Last Updated 8:13 am

Denver digital agency spins-off marijuana-focused group, debuts Marijuana Marketing Gurus

DENVER, Colo. – March 24, 2017 — JEMSU, LLC announced today the spin-off and launch of Marijuana Marketing Gurus, LLC along with updated branding, social media and a new website.

Along with their new look and feel, Marijuana Marketing Gurus is offering full creative and digital agency services to cannabis clients nationwide. Previously a sub-brand offering only SEO and web services under the JEMSU name, Marijuana Marketing Gurus will now offer a full range of marketing services including go-to market strategy, brand development, traditional advertising, content marketing and social media in addition to their standard digital services.

Following a period of sustained growth and evolution in the cannabis industry, Marijuana Marketing Gurus aims to deliver a higher caliber of creative service to this young and emerging market. To capture the interests of cannabis entrepreneurs, and the more refined tastes of their diverse clientele, Marijuana Marketing Gurus opted for a clean yet imaginative approach that both matches modern consumer trends and embraces the trailblazing spirit of the marijuana industry.

Marijuana Marketing Gurus is planning to follow up their new website with an ongoing series of educational content meant to guide new business owners and educate the public on this growing but often misunderstood market.

“This brand represents so much more than a new era of Marijuana Marketing Gurus. Cannabis represents the future of the American consumer economy, and the reinvented MMG is the future of cannabis marketing. When we looked at the competitive landscape, we simply weren’t seeing the quality and depth of vision that this industry deserves. The Jack Daniels and Apple of cannabis haven’t emerged yet. Our goal is to build those brands today,” said Christopher Mulgrew, president and Chief Executive Officer.

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