March 24, 2017 Last Updated 12:03 pm

Amazon introduces ‘Subscribe with Amazon’ service for apps, websites and software

The subscription solution is an ‘app monetization solution that is OS, device, and platform agnostic’ allowing subscribers to buy once and access on iOS or Android devices

The online retailer Amazon today unveiled a new program to sell subscriptions: Subscribe with Amazon. The platform neutral solution is designed to work for digital apps, websites or software, as long as the subscription is recurring.

“It’s not an app store, or an in-app purchase API,” Amazon said in its notice to account holders.

Subscribe with Amazon is the only app monetization solution that is OS, device, and platform agnostic, providing your subscribers the freedom to buy once and access on any iOS or Android supported device. It also enables you to expand your reach far beyond the app store by making your offering purchasable across Amazon’s many shopping channels.”

Amazon said its early adopters include Disney, Dropbox, Sling TV, The Wall Street Journal. and the digital newsstand Texture.

While the program is rolling out now, the retailer has been working with partners since at least December, based on its own guide to the program (PDF).

To be part of the program, publishers will need to establish an account with Amazon, including providing bank information, create a product listing, and allow customers to link to their Amazon accounts.

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