March 15, 2017 Last Updated 2:14 pm

National Enquirer says it has the goods on Obama’s wiretapping of Trump, can tweets be far behind?

Apparently David Pecker, head of the company that publishes the supermarket tabloid, did not get the message, the administration would like this story to go away

So, you thought the whole “he wiretapped me” thing was over, huh? Not so fast, the National Enquirer, the Trump supporting supermarket tab owned by American Media (and possibly soon to be the owner of Us Weekly) is trying to gin up the controversy again.

Knowing the advanced deadlines for the weekly, this story was probably in the works for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately for the tab, the Trump administration has been trying to move on from the story, started when the president read a report on Breitbart, which itself was the product of repeating a radio hosts insane claims. The president believes what he reads on Breitbart and made the unfortunate tweets on March 4.

Since then the media has not exactly been making itself look good, either. Reporters have been playing gotcha, and pretending they don’t know where the president got the crazy idea, demanding proof that doesn’t exist. The story is not complicated, and it is not a mystery.

Back to the National Enquirer, it will be interesting to see if all of this Trump cover will help it at the newsstands. In December 2006, the tabloid’s pubisher’s statement said the circulation was 1,149,108. The December statement from 2016 said it was 324,982.

Maybe the National Enquirer should go back to celebrity weirdness, politics doesn’t seem to be helping it. (Of course, we all know newsstand sales are bad for a lot of magazines, but the NE went from 812,686 newsstand sales in 2006 to the latest report saying they are at 238,20. Ouch)

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