March 10, 2017 Last Updated 12:57 pm

Changes for Apple News: New tutorials, iAd Producer no longer available in Workbench

Apple sends email to Apple News publishers explaining some of the formatting changes, as well as reminders about the affiliate program and the WordPress plug-in available

This has been an interesting week for TNM inside Apple News. Thanks to the political nature of recent Morning Briefs, readership inside Apple News has approached, and once or twice exceeded web traffic. The problem continues to be monetizing the damn thing.

When I look inside Apple News at the ads many of the major news outlets all I see are house ads, if I see any ads at all. Monetizing Apple News continues to be such an issue as the Cupertino company continues to backtrack on its own ad network efforts (ends them, actually).

So, what to do? Good question, and if you can help please reach out via the Contact TNM page or via Twitter. As digital publishing vendors do not support their own industry, TNM (and other industry websites) are more and more reliant on ad network advertising, especially from Google. The result is that the publishing industry unwittingly adding to their own ad problems by reinforcing the notion that digital advertising equals Google and Facebook.

Apple today reached out to Apple News publishers to announce new changes with the platform. As not all TNM readers you are directly involved in adding and designing content for Apple News I thought it would be good to reproduce their email here:

Dear Publisher,

We’re pleased to announce the new Advanced Design Tutorial for Apple News Format. You can use this guide to enhance your articles with effects and advanced styling and layout techniques. We also have some exciting Apple News Format and advertising updates to share with you.

Apple News Format includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • Anchor HTML Targeting
  • New Suggested Minimum Image Widths

Apple News Format: Advanced Design Tutorial

Introducing the Apple News Format: Advanced Design Tutorial, a continuation of the Apple News Format: Design Tutorial. Learn advanced Apple News Format effects and more best practices for design and layout of Apple News Format articles. Download complete Apple News Format JSON examples, or start from scratch by copying and pasting snippets of JSON into a new document.

Download the latest version of News Preview to preview Apple News Format JSON. Xcode and Java 8 are required to use News Preview.

Apple News Format Announcements

Anchor HTML Targeting

Utilize the id or name attribute of an HTML element to anchor one component to another. The component containing the target element must also have format set to html. For more information about anchoring, see Anchor in the Apple News Format Reference. For more information about HTML formatting, see HTML Markup for Apple News Format in the Apple News Format Reference.

New Suggested Minimum Image Widths

Because minimum size is determined by the size of the rendered component (for example, the size of a full-width image is determined by the viewport you’re using to define “full width”), there is no universal minimum size for images. Following are the suggested minimum image widths for these components:

  • Photo, Portrait, Gallery, and Mosaic components: 640 pixels minimum width
  • Logo component: 300 pixels minimum width
  • Figure component: 1080 pixels minimum width

For more information, see Image Guidelines in the Apple News Format Reference.

Advertising Announcements

iAd Producer will no longer be available in Workbench as a creative upload option. You can directly upload your creative from the desktop upload option. Current campaigns using iAd Producer will not be affected in iOS 10.2 or earlier. iOS 10.3 will only support creatives uploaded via the desktop upload option in Workbench.

Video as a tap destination type will no longer be available. You can continue using tap to Website, iTunes, News Deep Link and Subscription Sheet.

For more information, see the Advertising Guide for News Publishers.


Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program provides a unique way for your Apple News Format articles to link to millions of songs and thousands of apps, as well as books, movies, TV shows and podcasts, while earning commissions on qualifying sales and memberships on Apple Music. Apply now to join the program and earn commissions on Apple Music, iTunes, App Store, and iBooks.

WordPress Plug-in: Publish to Apple News

The “Publish to Apple News” WordPress plug-in from Alley Interactive makes it easy to get your WordPress content on to Apple News. With rich styling tools, you can quickly set up your default Apple News Format theme, map different themes to your channel’s sections, and customize Apple News Format JSON for articles. For more information, see Publish to Apple News on W‌o‌r‌d‌P‌r‌e‌s‌s‌.‌o‌r‌g‌.


The Apple News Team

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