March 7, 2017 Last Updated 9:27 am

London-based journalist Jason Karaian named Quartz’s global finance and economics editor

Other promotions announced by the Atlantic Media website: Ananya Bhattacharya will joins Quartz India as a tech writer; Ephrat Livni joins Quartz as a culture, language, and legal reporter; and Lila MacLellan joins as a culture reporter

The Atlantic Media’s webstie Quartz today announced a series of promotions in its editorial department. Quartz editor-in-chief Kevin Delaney’s memo was forwarded to TNM, and is reproduced below:

Hello Quartz –

I’m happy to announce four editorial staff promotions.

Jason Karaian is Quartz’s new global finance and economics editor. Jason was our second London-based journalist, joining in September 2013, and since then has anchored our coverage of Europe. Jason brings a rare combination of financial numeracy, clear writing, and humor that have contributed to shaping Quartz’s voice for our readers—for example, with a letter to investors from a “Trump trades” hedge fund, a detailed analysis of Vladimir Putin’s hockey skills, an engaging Q&A with the inventor of the spreadsheet, and extensive coverage of Brexit, the Greek debt crisis, and more.

In this new role, Jason will lead our growing team of economics and finance writers, including Eshe Nelson in London, Dan Kopf in San Francisco, Allison Schrager in New York, and others who will join us soon. Their mandate is to cover the global finance and economics stories at the intersection of what’s important and interesting, building Quartz’s readership with the smartest coverage available in this critical area.

Ananya Bhattacharya will join Quartz India as a tech writer at the beginning of June, having served as a fellow in New York. During her time here, Ananya has brought great energy to the tech beat and covered stories ranging from Amazon’s warehouse robots to swarm electrification in Bangladesh. She will continue working in New York until the end of May, covering both US and India tech stories, after which she will be moving to Mumbai.

Ephrat Livni joins Quartz as a culture, language, and legal reporter, having served as a contributing reporter since late last year. During her time at Quartz, Ephrat has written about ‘forest bathing,’ robot lawyers, and why it’s fine to curse around kids. She was earlier an English teacher in Japan, a French interpreter working on asylum assistance, a member of the Peace Corps in Senegal, a public defender in Florida, and an attorney at Google.

Lila MacLellan joins Quartz as a culture reporter, having served as a contributing reporter since late last year. At Quartz, Lila has written about the best way to build new habits, talk across party lines, and move to Canada. In her past lives, Lila was an editor and writer at Natural Health, Institutional Investor, Western Living, and Vancouver magazines.

Please join me in congratulating Jason, Ananya, Ephrat, and Lila.



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