February 28, 2017 Last Updated 10:57 am

Triad Retail Media launches ShelfHelp, an interactive content ad solution

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – February 28, 2017Triad Retail Media, the global leader in digital retail media, today announced the launch of Shelf Help, a managed service for brands that enhances their product pages to build engagement and drive conversion. The solution encourages consumers on the path to purchase to interact with content, setting brands up for increased sales, successful product reviews and social media chatter through more enriched customer experiences.

Currently, advertisers are investing heavily in media directed to product pages, or media creating brand awareness and resulting in organic traffic. Retail advertisers have especially upped the ante. In fact, through 2020, retail is expected to remain the largest ad spender at $23.04 billion among U.S. industry sectors, according to eMarketer. Shelf Help balances all of the traffic-driving media to product pages. It is a way for brands to take full advantage of their investments, bringing a digital associate into the shopper experience to turn more browsers into buyers. Additionally, it helps solve for retailer pain points, such as returns and negative reviews, by reducing product misunderstanding.

“Typically, shoppers spend 80 percent of their time on a product page above the fold. At its core, Shelf Help amplifies and enhances what retailers are already doing by giving brands multiple options to tell their story,” said Eric Meth, SVP, Product Strategy & Development at Triad Retail Media. “Instead of capturing an audience with a single tactic, brands can now take product information to the next level to keep shoppers engaged and see their return to the retailer grow four times more than static experiences.”

The Shelf Help service has three components:

  • Shelf Guides™: To maximize page real estate, enables brands to place multiple key-feature hotspots above the fold and inside the hero image.
  • Shelf Search™: Copywriting services to improve a brand’s SEO value and increase traffic through refreshed content.
  • Shelf Health™: Reporting function that provides ongoing learnings and recommendations to increase sales for each product.

With Shelf Guides specifically — the major component of the Shelf Help offering — brands can help shoppers better understand a product and make an informed purchase online or in-store. They can do this in multiple ways on a product page, from 360° product tours and buying guides to image galleries and recipes. According to the results of an A/B test conducted with thousands of shoppers across multiple categories and hundreds of products, retailers experience an increase of eight percent in revenue and five percent in conversions with Shelf Guides.

Shelf Help is presently being leveraged by brands on the world’s largest retail website and will be expanding to other retailers in the coming months. For more information on this solution, visit: http://www.triadretail.com/ShelfHelp.

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