February 23, 2017 Last Updated 1:25 pm

The New York Times posts its new TV ad to YouTube

The 30-second television commercial for The Gray Lady will be aired during ABC’s broadcast of the Oscars, and was created by the creative ad agency Droga5

This website has wondered where all the marketing for our publications have gone. In a post in January I recalled my own career at Hearst and how its aggressive ad campaign for classifieds was a major reason I stayed on the ad side and eventually became a publisher.

So, it would be wrong of me not to post on The New York Times new marketing campaign.

Today the paper posted the video seen below to YouTube, with the single sentence description:

The New York Times has a new marketing campaign: “The truth is more important now than ever.”

Hey, that works for me, and the comments on the ad by readers appears to agree (at least for now, before the trolls begin to hit YouTube):

The ad was created by Droga5, AdWeek’s agency of the year in 2016 (I hate mentioning these meaningless awards, but…).

The ad will be seen during ABC’s broadcast of the Oscars, and for many, will be the first time they will have seen a NYT ad since the paper tried to promote national edition home delivery… and that was a long time ago.

The ad is stark, minimalistic, but I think that works for the paper. The ad offers no call to action, so if this is the full extent of the marketing campaign the paper has blown their money. But if there is a follow-up, whether online or elsewhere, that can drive digital subscriptions, then their marketing effort will be worth it.

(According to the NYT’s press release, available this afternoon, the campaign includes national and local television, digital, social media, outdoor and print advertising.)

In any case, I think it is a good ad, and I love seeing the paper promoting itself in this way.

Update: Along with the press release, the NYT also sent out an email to subscribers with details on the campaign:

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