February 22, 2017 Last Updated 10:04 am

Media App Updates: MLB.com At Bat gets its first Spring Training update; Kobo’s update a mystery

AccuWeather’s update overhauls the Apple Watch Complication Center experience and reduces the number of times the app asks users to rate it, only bugging them when the developers really need feedback

The days of minor bug fix app updates appears over as a few, more major, updates appeared this week. As Spring Training has started, the first of what will likely be a few updates has appeared for MLB.com AT Bat, but here is the rundown:

Kobo Reading App: This update takes the app up to version 8.3. But what is the update for? The developer copy and pasted the exact same huge description from version 8.2, so users will have no idea what this is for, and whether to rush to install it. Sloppy work.

MLB.com At Bat: This update takes the app up to version 10.0, and as it is a nice round number you know this is a major update. In addition to some minor improvements, there are three major changes:

  • Complete coverage from Spring Training in Arizona and Florida, including live game data, available radio broadcasts, breaking news and more
  • Follow the 2017 World Baseball Classic live from March 6-22 (pitch tracking, scoreboards, coverage from every participating country and territory, complete schedule with international time zone support)
  • Expanded data for every player on all 30 MLB Club rosters

Stubhub: I wouldn’t normally consider this a media app, but as it is baseball season soon and all, well, tickets are part of the whole thing, right? Besides bug fixes here are the big changes:

  • Scan your Spotify music to find out when your favorite artists are playing
  • Use iMessage to share and vote on seats with your friends
  • Get pricing assistance when you sell your tickets. We can help you choose your price by showing you a recommended price range based on our data.
  • We’ve added 2 new languages: Brazilian Portuguese and Italian

AccuWeather: This update takes the app to version 10.2.1. The app description is rather creatively written, so I’ll reproduce it here:

What’s New in Version 10.2.1
Apple Watch users rejoice! AccuWeather has completely overhauled the Apple Watch Complication experience with our innovative Complication Center. If you are a watch user you will be presented with this option immediately following this update. In the Complication Center, you’ll be able to set different points of data to different complication sizes. Want Current Temp and Probability of Precipitation? Assign them to two different complication sizes and get both on your Watch Face. As with our previous complication, all of our new complications support Apple Watch’s Time Travel feature. We have even more complications coming in the future and hope that users of the Apple Watch will really love this feature.The Maps section now has a new Watches & Warnings option. This feature displays a color coded overlay on the map and when you press on any of the blocks of color you’ll see what Watches or Warnings are in that area. Additionally, you’ll get the start and end time of these events as well as the ability to go to the more detailed alert information.

Additionally, to our loyal users who have expressed concern with how often we prompt you to Rate our App. We’re sorry you’ve been annoyed by this prompt. To correct this we have completely overhauled the logic behind this prompt and all users should be asked to provide feedback only when we have releases we really need feedback on. Thank you for all the positive feedback you’ve provided over the years including the feedback you’ve provided about our feedback logic.

ChefsFeed: This is a nice app, if you haven’t checked it out. What makes it different is that it is powered by chefs rather than journalists. This update adds new categories, and now makes the videos auto-play (not sure that is a good thing, but there it is).

YouTube: Google’s video mobile app now allows the user to swipe to browse more videos, and fixes an error that occurs occasionally when opening. The app description also says that those still on iOS 7 can update to this version, as well.

Netflix: Just a bug fix update, but as you will be updating your YouTube app you might as well update this one, too.

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