February 15, 2017 Last Updated 3:27 pm

WordPress plug-in for Apple News updated, now support of videos in feed, maturity rating

The update brings the popular plug-in up to version 1.2.3, and follows the update that introduced themes

The WordPress plug-in for Apple News was updated today, bring the plug-in up to version 1.2.3. The update follows a recent one that introduced themes for the mobile news app.

Themes are not, it appears like WordPress themes – designs you can buy or download for free – but are instead themes you set up inside the plug-in to use on specific stories or sites. But I like the idea of Apple News turning into something like WordPress for mobile, the idea has potential. Unfortunately, getting Apple onboard would be difficult as they seem to have lost all interest in publishing (the last update to iBooks Author, for instance, was last September, and it was a very minor one).

Here is the update information for today’s update for the WordPress plug-in for Apple News:


  • Allowed mapping themes to Apple News sections
  • Added support for videos in feed
  • Added support for maturity rating
  • Added support for cover art
  • Added support for the Facebook component
  • Added support for captions in galleries
  • Bugfix for invalid JSON errors caused by non-breaking spaces and other Unicode separators

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