February 7, 2017 Last Updated 12:06 pm

German daily, Süddeutsche Zeitung, partners with editorial analytics firm Content Insights

The startup, specializing in online editorial analytics, will provide SZ.de with key website content performance insights

Munich, Germany – February 7, 2017 – Content Insights, a startup specializing in online editorial analytics, will provide SZ.de with key website content performance insights. The deal was struck after the publisher trialed Content Insights’ scored metric, CPI, and determined the indicator was the best way to understand their content’s performance. CPI, or Content Performance Indicator, is an algorithm that scores and compares metrics from article pages across a publisher’s website.

“We think CPI is a great asset for our editorial staff,” said Süddeutsche Zeitung’s Digital Editor-in-Chief Stefan Plöchinger. “It is a very clever way of presenting our editors with a single indicator that incorporates a lot of things we need to know about performance of articles and sections.”

Content Insights differs from other analytic tools available on the market today because it is focused on actual results of readers’ actions instead of traffic figures. “CPI is about learning from your content, understanding what the audience cares about so that editors can make informed editorial decisions,” said Content Insights co-founder and CEO, Dejan Nikolic.

For use by both editors and reporters, CPI uses website data to apprise journalists about their work. They gain insight into exactly how content is performing over time, with scoring based on different metrics and the relationships between them, including exclusively editorial metrics like article reads, attention time, read depth, social media actions and more.

Media organizations are looking for tools to help them analyze content performance and audience engagement while moving away from page views, time spent and similar single metrics. “Editors today are forced to look at the simplest metric – page views – even though it only shows how many browsers have loaded a script, rather than how many people are genuinely engaged with the content,” said Nikolic. “CPI examines many metrics and, more importantly, the relationships between them, so editors can make more informed decisions about their content and coverage.”

SZ.de editors will benefit immediately as CPI returns data on how their content – broken down by section or topic – is resonating with their audience. Furthermore, CPI not only improves editorial coverage, but its insights can be applied to both audience development and marketing teams to increase subscription and advertising revenue.

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