February 7, 2017 Last Updated 11:30 am

First look: Catalunya Experience from Sàpiens Publicacions

The app is in many ways a throwback to the way some progressive publishers designed their digital-only magazines – for the iPad-only, with page designs in landscape orientation

The last time TNM looked at new digital edition apps the results were disappointing, continuing a trend many readers have found, that there are just not many good new digital magazine apps being released. Most are replicas, and even those that are native tend to come from developers more interesting in luring and selling subscriptions than they are producing a decent digital magazine.

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So, it was a relief to find this new digital magazine from the Catalan Tourist Board: Catalunya Experience.

Created and published by Sàpiens Publicacions, the app is in many ways a throw back to the way many digital magazines were designed back in 2012-13. The app is for the iPad only, and the design is in landscape.

While the publisher has been around since 2002, this new app for the Catalan Tourist Board is the only one I could find under their name in either the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The app was originally released in mid-November of last year, and updated a couple of times since its release. The app displays one issue, available in six different languages. Because of this, while the app itself is only 32MB in size, downloading the English edition brought the storage needed to 565.9MB.

The reason for the large size is due to the generous use of animation throughout the digital magazine. Few features are without at least some animation.

The layouts uses the once accepted standard of swiping to reach new stories, scrolling within stories.

As the digital magazine was created to spur tourism, the issue (and app itself) is free to download and install – so, I would highly recommend anyone interested in digital magazines taking a look. As I’ve already mentioned, it is one of the few new digital magazines I have seen of late that gives readers a real look at what the potential of digital magazines continues to be.

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