February 3, 2017 Last Updated 1:44 pm

WordPress Apple News plug-in receives a major update, introduction of themes

Update brings the convenient plug-in up to version 1.2.2 and features a long list of changes including the ability to delete an article from Apple News when deleted from WordPress

The WordPress plug-in for Apple News publishers today received what looks like a rather major update. Major updates usually get some nice round number given to them, this one only takes the plug-in up to version 1.2.2.

The big change looks to be the introduction of Apple News themes, but there is more.

Previously, the Apple News settings showed up under Settings (seems obvious, but stay with me). Now, Settings are under the Apple News main menu. Now, four different menu items show up there: Articles, Settings, Sections and Themes.

The Themes section only comes with the default theme but it looks like one will soon be able to import new themes. A search online did not pull anything up, but clearly the plan is to offer Apple News themes like one uses WordPress themes (on Blogger they are called templates).

Here are the details on the update.


  • Created Apple News themes and moved all formatting settings to themes
  • Added support for sponsored content (isSponsored)
  • Added ability to map categories to Apple News sections
  • Split block and pull quote styling
  • Allowed for removing the borders on blockquotes and pull quotes
  • Added post ID to the apple_news_api_post_meta and apple_news_post_args filters
  • Fixed handling of relative URLs and anchors in the post body
  • Provided a method to reset posts stuck in pending status
  • Added a delete confirmation dialog
  • Added a separate setting for automatically deleting from Apple News when deleted in WordPress
  • Fixed captions so that they’re always aligned properly with the corresponding photo
  • Added separate settings for image caption style

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