February 1, 2017 Last Updated 3:09 pm

AMI in talks to buy Us Weekly from Wenner? Not confirmed, but staff said to be concerned

The Media Ink columnist at the NY Post, Keith Kelly, is dropping the rumor that American Media Inc. is a possible buyer for Wenner Media’s Us Weekly. Kelly has a fairly decent track record on these things, though he has also gotten in front of a few too early (where the deals never happen, all part of the way things work).

A deal doesn’t sit well with Us Weekly staff, apparently:

“The bigger question for us is we didn’t sign up to make up stories about Hillary Clinton’s health or Kate Middleton having twins or Jen Aniston having her eighth baby,” said one worried Wenner insider. “We have credibility in the market — and if we are merged with Star/OK! and the Enquirer, we will be a laughingstock.”

Of course, at issue here is the fact that AMI’s head is David Pecker, a Trump supporter who has basically turned National Enquirer into the Pravda for the Trump regime. The gossip tab has a fairly small readership compared to the real experts at this kind of thing, the British tabs, and suffers from the reduction in newsstands out in the public these days. Nonetheless, the NatRag is in the bag for the Donald – and Wenner Media, though not as rascally as it once was, is certainly not seen by the public as part of the alt-right. No wonder Us Weekly staff are said, by Kelly, to be in tears at the rumor.

Except… what does Us Weekly have on its cover this week? Why it’s the Trumpsters! Maybe the staff better look in the mirror before looking down their noses at AMI.

Here is Kelly’s story.

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