January 27, 2017 Last Updated 8:24 am

First Look: Ingage, new presentation app for the iPad

Guest column: Joe Zeff, who just recently reopened his design studio, gives TNM readers a quick look at the new interactive presentation app created by ScrollMotion

Editor’s Note: Seven years into publishing TNM and it is hard to imagine that this site has not featured a column from Joe Zeff,.. that is, until today. Zeff has just recently reopened his design studio, this time in a Times Square building rather than in New Jersey – all the better to continue partnering with ScrollMotion, the company where he has worked these past few years. Earlier this week Zeff tweeted about the new interactive presentation app, Ingage, and I immediately invited him to tell us more in a column. He kindly rushed to comply.

I‘m excited about the launch of Ingage, a new app from Scrollmotion that allows anyone to create interactive stories using an iPad. What’s unique is that the content you create can be instantly viewed on any device.

Suddenly a local coffeehouse can tell stories like this, updatable in real time:

And an interior designer can tell stories like this, instantly shareable and hyperpersonal: https://ingage.scrollmotion.com/7KpBEvl/

As great as these stories look on the web, they’re best on an iPad with Ingage.

Every company needs to tell stories — to train employees, to educate customers, to get people excited about an idea. Ingage replaces PowerPoint as a way to do that. It has built-in integrations with Mailchimp, Box, Dropbox and Shutterstock. There’s no coding required. Everything is drag and drop. It was a thrill to be part of the team that conceived it, and exciting to watch others take it from a cluttered wall of Post-it notes to the breakthrough app that was launched this week.

Part of the reason I left Scrollmotion was to help others leverage next-generation tools like Ingage. Small businesses will love how simple it is to create stories and share through email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter. Others require help developing strategy and creating tailored content to support specific objectives. That’s what I enjoy most — telling irresistible, impactful stories that blend software with storytelling. Ingage creates new possibilities:

What if a salesperson could quickly create a hyperpersonalized brochure, combining assets from a library with content made on the fly, and send it to a customer via text message?

What if a publisher could tell stories that permit the audience to respond with interactive stories of their own, simply created using only an iPad and shared with anyone anywhere regardless of device?

What if a patient could communicate with a doctor by showing what hurts instead of telling, through before-and-after images, interactive hotspots with video, and touch-driven image sequences?

Well now they can. Anyone can.

And so can you.

I can’t wait to see what others do with Ingage. Share your stories on Twitter with @joezeffdesign so we can inspire each other. Let the storytelling begin!

Note: Some more details on the app: the app can be found inside the App Store here; a month auto-renewing subscription is $14.99, and annual subscription costs $129.99; for a limited time the company is offering 3 months free with an annual subscription.

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