January 23, 2017 Last Updated 10:07 am

PageSuite survey finds publishers saying that increasing digital audience remains top concern

But few publishers report using digital platforms such as Facebook Instant Articles or Apple News to actually drive that digital audience growth

The digital publishing platform PageSuite last week released their findings from a survey of publishers conducted in December.

“The Digital Publishing report explores how publishers are adapting to rapidly declining print circulations and the digital strategies which are being implemented to combat the downward momentum,” the company said. “The industry is ever evolving and changing, therefore it is in everyone’s interest to continuously monitor what strategies other publishers are applying to grow and nurture their digital audiences.”

Their survey finds that publishers continue to say that increasing their digital audience remains by far their biggest concern, with driving engagement and increasing subscription revenue next in importance. Almost 30 percent still say they place importance on driving ad revenue.

But despite the importance of growing digital audiences, few report using third party platforms such as Facebook Articles, Google AMP, or Apple News to do so. (By the way, you can find TNM via Apple News yourself, should you be an iPhone owner).

“We looked at how many publishers are embracing these channels and taking advantage by displaying their content on these new social media platforms,” PageSuite said. “However, it is surprising to see the majority (67.82%) are not using any of the new rapidly growing platforms. Facebook Instant Articles seems to be the most adopted and effective.”

According to the 2017 Digital Publishing Report (found here free after registering), publishers are looking to increase digital advertising and increasing data-driven revenues in 2017, with increasing digital subscriptions down the list of priorities (of course, many publishers don’t see any subscriptions at all, relying on qualified readership models).

PageSuite also surveyed newspaper executives, finding that video will play a major part in increasing reader engagement, and that decline circulation remains a major concern going into 2017.

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