January 23, 2017 Last Updated 1:46 pm

Newspaper group comes out in favor selection of net neutrality critic Ajit Pai as next FCC Chair

The News Media Alliance today came out in favor of Ajit Pai as the next Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. The appointment of Pai would bring the agency under the control again of the Republicans, and swing decisions more in favor of business.

Pai is known as a critic of net neutrality, and someone very much against consumer protections.

But the NMA favors his appointment due to the fact that it is assumed that the FCC would look favorably on media consolidation, allowing media companies to acquire other media properties within the same markets.

Here is the association’s statement from David Chavern, News Media Alliance President & CEO:

News Media Alliance Applauds Expected Appointment of Ajit Pai as Next FCC Chairman

On behalf of the News Media Alliance, I applaud the expected appointment of Ajit Pai as the next Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Commissioner Pai has been an avid supporter of the news media industry, recognizing the importance of investment in journalism. This is most recently evidenced by his voting record and statements against the FCC’s decision to keep in place the ban on newspaper/broadcast cross ownership. Commissioner Pai has a history of intellectual honesty, and an appreciation for balancing consumer interests with incentives for investment, both of which are an integral part of serving the public interest. His continued service and leadership would be a valuable contribution to the Commission, and we support his anticipated ascent as its Chair.

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