January 20, 2017 Last Updated 11:45 am

The deed is done.

A few words on where Talking New Media goes from here, knowing that while the many challenges we face in digital publishing remain, new ones may be on the horizon

There you have it, the deed has been done. We are now entering very dark times. On the bright side, the new president, who threatened about everyone other than himself, did not target the press overtly.

This website, as I have said recently, must now make adjustments. We have many issues facing us in publishing – a fragmented market, rising costs, falling ad pages, and the like – but we also face a situation where there may be in place a government that will make the threats to the press we thought we faced, seem insignificant by comparison.

That doesn’t mean this site will become a political website – there are plenty of those available. But TNM cannot completely ignore reality, the first amendment and freedom of the press may be at risk. Or maybe not, we shall see, and TNM will chronicle it.

Talking New Media was named so because back in New Media was what we all call Digital Media (there was even a magazine with that name for a very short while). Now New Media will also refer to the new realities of publishing in the current age.

I know many loyal readers first found this site in 2010 because it spoke about digital editions, mobile news apps, etc. There will still be some of that when appropriate and I sincerely hope you will stick around and contribute via guest columns and comments (TNM has had over 100 guest columnists since its relaunch in mid-2013).

Best of luck to all of us. We’ll need it.

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