January 19, 2017 Last Updated 8:15 am

Investopedia launches microsite to cover ‘The Trump Economy’

The site will include the Investopedia Anxiety Index, tracking the performance during Trump’s presidency

NEW YORK, NY- January 19, 2017 – Investopedia, the premier online source of trusted financial content, introduces The Trump Economy, an interactive microsite dedicated exclusively to the 45th President and his administration’s impact on investors’ money and their financial lives. Users seeking insight on the financial markets under the Trump presidency can find news on the policies shaping the American economic agenda as well as financial analysis of sectors and stocks that will be impacted.

“Donald Trump’s victory has created lots of questions for investors,” comments Investopedia CEO David Siegel. “After an incredibly divisive election with accusations of fake news and bias in reporting, it’s become increasingly difficult to find straightforward, in-depth analysis, free of any spin. We wanted to create a fair and balanced roadmap for information relating to the Trump administration and its policies so investors can make smarter financial decisions.”

The Trump Economy Page is built around Investopedia’s concept of a Content Wheel, which is designed to combine information and education in an easy-to-navigate user interface. The wheel’s seven spokes provide an organizational framework that guides the user to breaking news and analysis, educational terms, articles and columns on Trump’s policies and people, answers to trending questions and economic scorecards tracking Trump’s campaign and presidential promises against real data. Investopedia’s 25 million readers can vote their approval rating of the president as well as express opinions about the economy and their confidence in markets.

“We wanted to create a content experience where our readers can find as much information as they want on one page, and share their views on the new administration,” says Caleb Silver, editor-in-chief of Investopedia. “The more easily investors can access the most relevant information, the faster they can adapt.”

The Trump Center will feature seven distinct sections:

  • News and events from the White House that are shaping the financial world
  • A Trump scorecard tracking economic, market and Investopedia Anxiety Index performance during Trump’s presidency
  • Clear breakdowns and definitions of Trump’s policies
  • Interactive voting to reflect current approval rating for Trump across a number of factors
  • Profiles of key players in Trump’s administration
  • Financial terms relating to Trump’s presidency
  • Frequently asked questions regarding the latest moves from the Trump administration

Trump’s overall approval rating on Investopedia is currently 44%. As Trump’s decisions in office impact investors and their money, this number will change in real-time to provide the most accurate reflection of investor sentiment towards the new administration.

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