January 11, 2017 Last Updated 9:54 am

Google News & Weather iOS app drops Apple Watch support

Google had added Apple Watch support in May of 2015, becoming one of the first news apps to work on Apple’s smartphone, now that support has been withdrawn

With each app update most developers fix the bugs and add features. For the past year or so, one feature that many news apps have added has been support for the Apple Watch. Google just did a twist on this theme. It dropped Apple Watch support for its Google News & Weather iOS app.

The app has not been updated since early October, so this update is also being released to make sure the app is iOS 10 compliant.

So, why would Google drop Apple Watch support?

Jeff Chang, product manager of Android Wear at Google, told The Verge in December that is would be launching two new “flagship” smartwatches in the first quarter of this year, bringing them into direct competition with the Apple Watch. But the report was later updated to make it clear that the watches would not be Google branded.

So, that doesn’t seem to be the reason. Maybe the move comes from Apple?

The fact that we can’t figure out what is going on is yet another example the mobile platforms are having in being reliable and transparent. I needed go on about the problems at Apple with this issue, but Google, which has been a far better and inventive iOS app developer than Apple (odd, right?) has made this move.

Strange days, that’s all I can say.

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