January 5, 2017 Last Updated 9:37 am

Nicholas Hahn named Chief Opinion Editor at The Hill

Hahn comes to The Hill from The Detroit News, where he was Assistant Editorial Page Editor, before that he was Editor at RealClearReligion.org

Washington, D.C. – January 5, 2017 – The Hill, the publication of record for policy influencers inside and outside Washington, has hired Nicholas Hahn as Chief Opinion Editor. Hahn, who will preside over the expansion of The Hill’s Opinion section, starts on January 9th and will report to Bob Cusack, The Hill’s Editor in Chief.

Hahn comes to The Hill from The Detroit News, where he was the paper’s Op-Ed editor. Prior to that he was as an editor at RealClearPolitics.com.

As Chief Opinion Editor, Hahn will oversee the publication of Op-Ed columns written by a rapidly growing network of policy and politics experts including conservatives, liberals and those in between. Recent regular contributors include retired Gen. Michael Hayden, the former director of the CIA and the NSA, political analyst Juan Williams, retired Gen. Keith B. Alexander, former director of the NSA, political commentator Kayleigh McEnany, lawyer and legal scholar Alan Dershowitz, Democratic political strategist Maria T. Cardona, Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, and Sheriff David Clarke.

“Nick is a thoughtful and dedicated editor who understands not only the issues being debated within the Beltway but also those that are most meaningful to the lives of American voters,” said The Hill’s James Finkelstein, chairman of Capitol Hill Publishing Corp, which publishes The Hill. “He knows the importance of presenting a broad spectrum of opinion from the right and the left, and he will be central to our efforts to expand the range of expert voices that The Hill presents.”

Since June, when The Hill embarked on its effort to expand and revamp its Opinion section, the publication has seen a four-fold increase in its Opinion audience and a broader array of contributors. As it continues to expand under Hahn’s guidance, The Hill aims to produce Washington’s most robust and thoughtful Opinion section, a must-read for audiences inside and outside the Beltway.

Hahn added, “I’m delighted to join The Hill and look forward to making its Opinion content the best on Capitol Hill and beyond.”

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