January 3, 2017 Last Updated 1:12 pm

Larry Flynt takes out ad in Variety to blast the media

The publisher of Hustler magazine says the media has helped ‘create this monster we now call President-elect Trump’ and has, as a result, lost its credibility

The publisher of Hustler magazine is back in the news, running an ad in the January 3 edition of Variety which calls out the media over the coverage of Donald Trump.

“Never before in our history have you, the press, been so complacent in an election as you have this past one. I have watched and listened to TV show hosts and moderators say that they have no obligation to fact-check. Are you kidding?” Flynt wrote in the ad (see below).

Flynt, in addition to being famous as a publisher, was also at the center of a court case brought by Jerry Falwell in 1983, after the magazine ran an ad parody. In 1988, the Supreme Court ruled in an 8–0 decision that as Falwell was a public figure and that the cartoon was satire and therefore protected speech under the First Amendment.

Flynt appears to be particularly upset with the fact that during the campaign Trump was allowed on television shows, then lied, and was then invited back, all with no consequences.

“When you have candidates that are continuously spouting lies every time they open their mouths, and you the press do not rein them in, whose job is it then? If someone gives an opinion, that is one thing; you can either accept what they say or not. If a person wants to make a factual statement and it turns out to be a lie, and you can prove it is a lie, they should not be invited back on your show again, period,” Flynt said.

Disclosure: a friend of mine worked at Flynt’s publishing company in the mid-eighties. At that time, Larry Flynt Publications was publishing a number of magazines including, I believe, Camera & Darkroom (now shuttered). My friend later went on to become the editor of the photography magazine Black & White.

Here is the press release for the ad, with the ad below it:

Beverly Hills, CA – January 3, 2017 — Larry Flynt has blasted the media and called them on the carpet for their callous reporting this past election cycle. Appalled by watching and listening to TV show hosts and moderators saying that they have no obligation to fact-check, the Chairman and President of LFP, Inc., bought an ad in the January 3, 2017, edition of Variety after months of watching broadcast media report falsehoods to their viewers. Flynt has accused them of creating this monster we now call President-elect Trump due to their lack of fact-checking.

“The fact that you haven’t and can’t be bothered to ensure that the information you are relaying to your viewers is accurate is a great injustice to the people of this country,” part of the ad reads. Flynt goes on to further write, “Perhaps the time has come for you to find another profession, as you clearly can’t do your job properly, nor do you seem to want to.”

Flynt ends the open letter in true Flynt fashion, “One final thought: There are more accurate articles in HUSTLER than in most of the coverage I have seen this past election. That says something now, doesn’t it?”

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