December 15, 2016 Last Updated 12:11 pm

Vanity Fair’s Hive pokes at the president-elect, who (of course) Tweets back

Donald Trump says the Condé Nast magazine is suffering from ‘really poor numbers’ and declares the title to be in ‘big trouble’ and pronounces the magazine ‘dead’

The president-elect continues to be rather easy to poke at, as Vanity Fair’s Hive found out today. After running a story that says the Trump Grill “could be the worst restaurant in America” the president-elect took the bait and to twitter.

His line of attack was “the really poor numbers” for the magazine – presumably a reference to Vanity Fair’s circulation.

As for those numbers, the Condé Nast title has actually upped its rate base slightly, now at 1.2 million. The number of verified subscriptions is a bit troubling, and like a lot of magazines it has seen its single copy sales fall – but overall they look pretty good.

Maybe the future president was referring to ad pages, having access to reports that I am not privy to.

Maybe, once he takes office, DJT can direct the CIA to begin counting ad pages so that we can get better information than the trade associations are producing.

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