December 13, 2016 Last Updated 11:29 am

Appy Pie announces Amazon App Store integration

Newest feature is Turbo Boost, a hybrid framework that supports native app transitions, native scrolling and caching

NEW YORK, NY – December 13, 2016 – Appy Pie, the leading cloud-based mobile application builder software that allows businesses to easily create mobile apps, announced today, its integration with the Amazon App Store and its newest feature Turbo Boost, a fast hybrid framework that supports native app transitions, native scrolling and Caching.

“We noticed a huge performance bottleneck when it came to hybrid versus native app downloads and wanted to implement a solution that would allow our customers to build apps that could seamlessly function regardless of the platform their customers are using,” said Abhinav Girdhar CEO and Founder of Appy Pie. “Not only does Turbo Boost deliver better overall performance but it also enables for better reviews and in turn, more revenue and full customer acceptance.”

Turbo Boost was designed as an upgrade to Appy Pie’s proprietary mobile framework Snappy, which lets small businesses create apps using drag and drop prompts. In addition, the new feature now offers business a tool to enhance brand awareness and increase revenue.

  • Any apps created on Turbo Boost will be inherently faster as the hybrid interface ensures the best performance, highest security and best experience for the user.
  • Turbo Boost’s native transitions are a combination of AngularJS components, jQuery components and relies on Cordova for native compatibility.

Appy Pie’s platform gives businesses the tools to build great looking apps and the built-in features allow its users to better engage, inform and reward customers. To help customers grow, the company implemented its own marketplace for apps as well as ad network to monetize apps all of which can be published to Google Play, iTunes, and now on the Amazon App Store.

“At Amazon, we value businesses that create technologies with the user in mind,” said Levi Gibson, Senior Partner and Developer Marketing Manager of Amazon. “With Appy Pie being one of the fastest growing DIY mobile app-building tools being used worldwide, we love how the company’s drag-and-drop platform makes it easy to build mobile apps and are excited to see how our customers react.”

The company launched in 2013 to bring a solution to the nascent, but ultra-competitive app development industry, enabling its users with no programming skills, a platform to create Android & iOS applications for mobiles and smartphone. The company offers a loyalty program, 24X7 tech support as well as implemented location search and geo-fencing push notifications.

“At Appy Pie, we understand that in order for our customers to be competitive, we need to work with companies that will help to elevate awareness amongst our users as well as foster continued growth, which is why we’re thrilled to finally integrate with Amazon App Store,” said Girdhar.

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