December 12, 2016 Last Updated 9:53 am

Facebook advertising for head of news partnerships

For years I’ve begged Apple to create a position at the company that would interact with the media in ways other than PR. A position that would be both a liaison between the company and the media, and would build media partnerships; someone who could not only explain Apple’s positions, but could explain the concerns of the media business in a way that Apple could understand. In other words, a position designed to boost revenue for both Apple and their media partners.

Apple may never have been interested in breaking the wall between Cupertino and the media world, but it appears Facebook is interested.

The position is called Head of News Partnerships, with the location listed as London, Menlo Park and New York. The recruitment ad reads as if it is one position that could reside in any of the three locations, but maybe they are looking to hire several people, as there is reference to a “team”.

(Tip to Hadas Gold, media reporter for @politico, for pointing out the job listing.)

“Facebook is seeking an experienced news executive to lead Global News Partnerships, serving as the company’s leading representative with news organizations worldwide,” the ad states. “The goal of the News Partnerships team is to help publishers and journalists understand how to reach and engage their audiences, and to innovate with new technologies. The day-to-day responsibilities of the News Partnerships team include: manage relationships with news organizations; develop strategies and programs that foster greater collaboration and alignment between Facebook and news organizations; solicit and incorporate feedback from news organizations on product development and prioritization, and; clearly communicate and foster transparent dialogue with news organizations globally.”

This is a good thing, and no matter how skeptical I may be about whether this new “head of news partnerships” can effect change, the simple fact is that I’ve been calling on the big techs to do just this for many years.

(I’d love to have the job myself – Menlo Park, please – but my guess is Facebook will look to hire a well-known NYC-based journalist for the job.)

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