December 6, 2016 Last Updated 2:39 pm

Magazine newsstand sales fall again, though some publishers report small sales gains in Q3

The latest newsstand sales figures from MagNet are, in their own words, “somewhat concerning,” as sales fell in both the US and Canada by roughly the same level – nearly 14 percent.

The pain was spread out pretty much across the board with most of the major magazine publishers seeing their numbers tumble.


Celebrity, women’s and home and garden titles performed the worst, with general interest titles among the winners. Sell-through continues to decline, as well, meaning that publishers are producing more unsold issues.


There is a glimmer of good news in the new report, as a couple publishers saw revenue grow, as price increases stuck. In fact, the revenue decline is less than half of the unit sales decline. I suppose that is something.

Newsstand sales have been declining for a while, the result of a number of factors including the loss of bookstores following the collapse of Borders and the closing of other large bookstores. Also, many convenience stores no longer carry as large a selection as they once did.

The news here will likely reinforce the idea that some title that were very dependent on newsstand sales may have to be sold off or shuttered. We are currently in Q1 of 2017 when it comes to ad closings. We’ll likely see more publishers evaluate their magazine portfolios after three months of deadlines have passed.

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