November 29, 2016 Last Updated 12:51 pm

Prevention updates app, changes format to mobile-first approach

Other updated media apps include a bug fix update for the Playboy Classic app, as well as fixes for Amazon Prime Video and Adobe Photoshop Express mobile apps

The Rodale published magazine Prevention, which became ad-free this summer, has updated its MAZ Digital produced app, changing its format to a more mobile-first approach.

prevention-editnoteThe app, which works on both an iPhone and iPad, is really designed for mobile reading – and though MAZ was among those vendors that pushed PDF replicas, this app is really much more like a news app, with standardized article layouts that work well on both a smartphone and a larger tablet.

At least on the iPad, the layouts work both in portrait and landscape.

Like other MAZ apps, once opened the reader has five minutes to preview the digital edition for free before being forced to subscribe – in this case, at $4.99 per issue, or an annual subscription of $47.99.


Obviously, with the magazine now using a paid content strategy – a la Consumer Reports – there would be no discount for digital. But, in fact, you can currently get 6 issues of the magazine for $22.00 plus $1.99 delivery (because they also throw in a workout DVD), so it feels like digital readers are getting a little ripped off.

Left: PDF view (click to enlarge)

Rodale made big news when it announced early this year that it would be taking Prevention ad-free. In April, the magazine’s publisher Lori Burgess left the company with the news of the format change.

Rodale hopes that the magazine can now be profitable due to the cost savings – not only from reducing management and sales costs, but from no longer having to maintain an unprofitable rate base of 1.5 million in order to attract advertising. Now, it can stop delivering any free copies needed to meet the rate base requirement.

“Let’s put it this way,” Maria Rodale told The New York Times, “if we were going to continue with advertising, I could never see a future where we would be profitable.”


In January of this year, Rodale announced staff cuts, and at that time editor Bruce Kelley left. In May, Barbara O’Dair has been named editor-in-chief, coming over from Reader’s Digest.

Among the other updates making its way through the Apple App Store system is one for Playboy Classic, an app first launched in December of last year. The update brings in layout changes and fixes some bugs.

playboyclassic-iphone-updateThis app is not to be confused with the Playboy Magazine app which was launched in September. That app is the digital equivalent of the new, no-nude-photography magazine the publisher decided to launch with the March 2016 issue.

When TNM reported on that move Google sent this site a warning concerning a violation of their guidelines dues to nudity. Yep, Google warned TNM that its story about Playboy ending nudity, which contained no nudity, violated its rules, because of nudity. Cripes, these giant tech companies are stupid.

Other updates include a bug fix update for the mobile app for Adobe Photoshop Express as well as for the ABC – Watch Live TV app.

Amazon, which just a couple days ago updated its Amazon Prime Video app, has rushed out a bug fix update for it today.

Google has also updated its YouTube mobile app, adding in a progress bar on the thumbnails that shows how much of a video you’ve watched.

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