November 28, 2016 Last Updated 10:48 am

Digital media app updates: Barnes & Noble releases first iOS 10 update for NOOK app

Other updates include for Kobo’s iOS app, a bug fix update for the Google Play Newsstand, and the first update since July for The Guardian’s iPad app

With the Thanksgiving Day holiday now behind us, it is time to check to see what app updates we might have missed. Most of the big tech companies shutdown a bit early for the weekend, but a number of updates came through just before the holiday, and now just after it.

Book and Magazine platforms:

Barnes & Noble: The NOOK app has finally been updated – I say finally because this is the iOS 10 update, and Apple released that iOS update in September and here we are nearly in December. In addition to iOS 10 compatibility, the update also introduces a new Bookstore and more (in other words, it’s a major update).

Scribd: This update for the digital book reader, released last week, is a big fix update, the third attempt to work out bugs this month.

Kobo-icon-smKobo Inc.: The Kobo app update restores the original highlight colors and fixes a bug where the app wouldn’t open after upgrading (oops).

Google: The Google Play Newsstand app update duplicates the same app description from the November 16 update, a sure sign this is just a bug fix update (hate when they do that, though).

Digital Newspapers and Magazines:

Guardian News and Media Limited: The app update for the iPad app for The Guardian receives its first update since July and doesn’t mention iOS 10, though one has to assume this update makes the app iOS 10 compliant. What the app description does mention is that the app now correctly recognizes 6-digit subscription IDs.

Condé Nast: The New Yorker Today app update adds a sticher pack for iMessage.

M. Shanken Communications: The publisher of Wine Spectator has updated its WineRatings+ app and also introduced two new “sticker” apps for iMessage: Wine Spectator Sticker 1, and Wine Spectator Stickers 2, both of which cost $0.99. What the publisher still doesn’t have is a digital edition for the magazine itself – likely because its extra large print format would require a redesign for digital, and we all know how publishers hate having to hire someone new for the design team.

Exact Editions: Bug fix updates for lots of titles including Gramophone Magazine.

Other app updates include BBC News, Zillow Real Estate and The Weather Channel.

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