November 15, 2016 Last Updated 11:30 am

Billboard launches daily video series: Billboard News

Featuring multiple 60‑90 second daily video news reports, Billboard News will use almost a dozen distribution platforms including, Facebook, and the ‘Billboard News’ YouTube Channel

New York, NY— November 15, 2016 — Billboard, the leading global destination for charts, news, business, lifestyle and innovations in music, announced today the launch of “Billboard News,” a daily video series covering breaking stories on top performers, acts, albums, songs, charts, shows, trends, styles, celebrities and gossip from across the music industry. Hosted by Chelsea Briggs and Kevan KenneyBillboard News will release four 60- to 90-second episodes every day across 10 platforms including, Facebook and the new Billboard News YouTube Channel.

billboardnews-flagBillboard has given music fans unparalleled access to the music they love with up-close and behind-the-scenes video coverage of some of today’s hottest shows and artists,” said John Amato, co-president of The Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group. “Now, with the launch of Billboard News, we’re harnessing the power of video to create a new, instant platform to bring our industry-leading coverage in full motion and sound to an energized fan base that wants to see and know all the latest news and events related to the music they love.”

Drawing on Billboard’s authoritative and exclusive editorial content, Billboard News will give millions of viewers access to up-to-the-minute video coverage of the people, places and events shaping music today. Billboard News is built for a mobile audience who want to experience Billboard’s unparalleled news content through video, on the go.

Billboard plans to release close to 1,500 episodes of Billboard News over the next 12 months. In addition to, YouTube and Facebook, Billboard News will be available via Twitter, AOL, Yahoo!, Condé Nast, MSN, Bloomberg and AP.

Music fans today are hungry for minute-by-minute coverage about the music they love delivered to wherever they are, in a format tailored to meet the needs of their fast-paced lives,” said Michael Palmer, general manger, video for The Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group“With Billboard News, we’ll be able to give millions of music fans a new way to stay engaged and in touch with the world of music that plays such an important role in their lives.”

The launch of Billboard News, which will be produced by an in-house content team out of Billboard News studios in New York and Los Angeles, comes on the heels of a number of other major video initiatives by the leading music media brand, such as its 1,000-plus Facebook Live broadcasts airing over the course of the next year.

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