November 4, 2016 Last Updated 11:07 am

Media app updates: Washington Post adds iPhone support to its app originally released for iPad

Other app updates includes one for The New York Times’s VR app, an update for NPR News which fixes a ‘pesky bug that prevented station streams from properly updating’

The weekend is coming (yeah), and that means some housecleaning on some buggy apps, as well as a few updates that actually adds some features. The rundown:

The Washington Post Print Edition:

wapo-update-classic-380This app was, at one time, the original app for the iPad. Then it became the “classic” app when the Post launched a new mobile app after Jeff Bezos bought the paper. You can understand why the name was changed, it has added iPhone support with this update.

This app is now up to version 4.1 following six other updates just since September. The 3.12 update was for iOS 10, followed quickly by the update which changed the name of the app. Three days later the app was at version 4.0.

The other updates until today were for bug fixes.

There is still a “Classic” app in the App Store, however. That app is the original mobile app, which works for both the iPhone and iPad. Then there is the “new” app, simply called The Washington Post. Then there is the DC Rider app for both iPhone and iPad which is for DC mass transit.

The Post also has its own recruitment app, which I didn’t realize until today. PostRecruit is not an attempt to sell recruitment advertising, but is instead about jobs at the Post itself. Guess I should check it out should the Post ever need someone to cover the media, right?

Other app updates:

NYT VR: Not much here, just some design changes, but the app is now up to version 2.0, so I guess that makes it a major update.

NPR News: A bug fix update, but their app description is well written so here it is:

What’s New in Version 3.9.13

Station Streams: We’ve resolved a particularly pesky bug that prevented station streams from properly updating unless the app was uninstalled and reinstalled (yikes). This update should fix that issue, and deliver a marked improvement in overall stream reliability as a result.

Google Play Books: This bug fix update brings the app up to version 3.0.2. The developers are driving me crazy, though, by copying-and-pasting their app descriptions for every minor update. The original iOS 10 was released on September 21, with the last two updates probably fixing bugs, though their descriptions doesn’t say so.

WordPress: Automatic has released a bug fix update for their iOS app that brings it up to version 6.6.

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