November 3, 2016 Last Updated 11:19 am

GateHouse Media says it will hire up to 100 digital sales reps throughout its three divisions

The newspaper publisher recently rolled out newly redesigned websites, placing its portfolio of over 500 website properties on a common CMS, and a single ad serving platform

With all the news of layoffs at major newspaper companies, it is interesting to note that at least one publisher says it wants to go on a hiring spree. GateHouse Media said today that it wants to bring on up to 100 digital sales executives in the coming months as part of its digital push.

projo-web-800A representative of the company told TNM that the positions will be at all three division (East, Central and West), and that there are 35 positions open now in the East, including New England, Cape, Providence, South Atlantic, Coastal and Mid-Atlantic.

I asked if these might be junior sales rep positions, but no, the company said they want seasoned digital sales executives who will be selling across all of the company’s digital properties.

“GateHouse has many longstanding print advertising partners who, for the first time, are looking to us as a digital partner to reach our 40 million online readers,” said Peter Newton, GateHouse Chief Revenue Officer. “In addition, there are literally thousands of national and regional marketers who haven’t worked with GateHouse newspapers who are now being introduced to our high-quality, engaging and exclusive digital sites and audience.”

The company has recently rolled out new website redesigns at its over 500 websites, partnering with the media consulting firm Garcia Media. The new websites mean the company is now powered by a single CMS and has a single ad serving platform.

GateHouse Media is owned by the holding company New Media Investment Group, which recently reported fairly solid earnings, with revenue down only down 1.7 percent. Digital revenue, though, grew just over 10 percent in the quarter.

Earlier this year the company was in the news when it sold the Las Vegas Review Journal for a hefty profit to casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, after only recently acquiring the property themselves. The now Adelson-owned Review Journal endorsed Donald Trump on October 22, the largest newspaper in the US to do so.

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