October 24, 2016 Last Updated 3:34 pm

The New Yorker endorses Hillary Clinton

‘Hillary Clinton is neither saint nor prophet; she is a pragmatist of deep experience and purpose’ – The New Yorker magazine states.

This has certainly been an unusual election cycle for endorsements. Newspapers that reliably endorse the Republican candidates are choosing to endorse the Democrat, or else the Libertarian, or even are saying ‘anyone but Donald Trump.’

Magazines, which used to make endorsements in the early part of the last century, generally stay on the sidelines – due either to a real desire to stay neutral, or else because their monthly print schedules make an endorsement awkward. But some, like The Atlantic, which made only its third endorsement in its history, have decided that they can’t sit this election out.

nyer-front-355Today, The New Yorker, which publishes nearly weekly (47 issues a year), has made its choice known, too. It’s October 31 carries its endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton is neither saint nor prophet; she is a pragmatist of deep experience and purpose. But her toughness, her guile, and her experience—qualities that helped her patiently decimate Trump in their three debates—will be assets in future political battles,” the Condé Nast-owned magazine said.

“In this populist moment, the attractions of continuity hold little romance. And yet Clinton not only promises to be a vastly better President than her opponent; she has every chance of building on the successes and insights of a predecessor who will leave office with a remarkable record of progressive change and, in an often ugly time, as an exemplar of Presidential temper and dignity.”

The New Yorker is known for its long form writing, so it shouldn’t surprise that its endorsement of the Democrat goes on for over 4,400 words, possibly the longest endorsement editorial of the cycle – if one ignores the NY Daily News’s massive 14-part anti-endorsement of Donald Trump.

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