October 21, 2016 Last Updated 9:48 am

The Daily News publishes 14-part editorial: ‘Bury Trump in a Landslide’

Epic editorial lays out the case why the Republican nominee needs to lose big, but sort of forgets one thing – to actually endorse his Democratic rival in the race

The NY Daily News, which has been producing a series of inventive, snarky front pages making fun of the now Republican nominee Donald Trump, missed a big opportunity yesterday when it ran a front page with a local story dominating the page.

It is probably the case that the story was ready to go, and the paper designed its front page assuming nothing news worthy would come out of the third and final debate. They blew that one, as Trump’s refusal to say he would concede if defeated at the polls led most newspapers.

ny_dn-10-20-16-330Maybe, also, they knew that on Friday they would be running a massive, 14-part editorial condemning Trump, and didn’t want to lead with the candidate two days in a row.

Today’s editorial is not so much an endorsement of Hillary Clinton, that actually is missing from the editorial, but is a call to “bury” Trump in a landslide.

Spread out over pages 16 through 21, the editorial makes 14 arguments against the candidate:

  1. Trump the demagogue
  2. Trump the fraudster
  3. Trump the head case
  4. Trump the fake philanthropist
  5. Trump the liar
  6. Trump the flip-flopper
  7. Trump the ignoramus
  8. Trump the conspiracy theorist
  9. Trump the tax evader
  10. Trump the divider
  11. Trump the authoritarian
  12. Trump the security risk
  13. Trump the misogynist
  14. Trump the enemy of democracy

There is real doubt that newspaper endorsements mean much anymore – though that might be tested in Arizona. But in New York that is certainly true.

In the latest Siena poll of the state Clinton was ahead by 24 points, and FiveThirtyEight gives the Democrat a 99.8 percent chance of winning the state’s 29 electoral votes. No newspaper endorsement is going to change the calculus.

Excerpts from the editorial:


To take full stock of Trump must be to understand the urgency of barring him from the White House, as well as to reckon with how an authoritarian fabulist has gotten so close to leading the globe’s beacon of democracy.

History will mark the presidential contest of 2016 for demagoguery that distorted America’s electoral process from a competition of ideas into, on the one hand, a reach for power based on a cultish thirst for vengeance, and, on the other, a bipartisan drive to save the American presidency itself.

Trump the liar:

He has described social interactions with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that he had spoken “indirectly and directly” with Putin and “got to know him very well,” and that “Putin even sent me a present.”

But in July, Trump said on ABC, “I have no relationship with Putin. I don’t think I’ve ever met him.”

Never was Trump, the steadfast liar, on more vivid display than when he claimed to have seen thousands of Muslims celebrating the toppling of the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Trump the ignoramus:

He didn’t know that the U.S. Constitution extends to only seven articles when he told congressional Republicans that he would protect all 12 of its articles. The document has seven sections.

Most middle school civics students know that Presidents sign bills into law and the U.S. Supreme Court decides whether a law is valid in the event of a challenge.

Trump portrayed the court as signing bills — a remarkable statement considering that Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, is a federal appeals judge.

Trump the enemy of democracy:

In Wednesday night’s debate, he refused to condemn the Russian hacks that have compromised the email of Clinton’s campaign manager, the worst foreign interference in an American election the nation has ever witnessed. Trump wouldn’t even accept the consensus judgment of the U.S. intelligence community that Moscow was responsible.

About whether or not he’ll accept the will of the voters expressed at the polls, Trump told the nation, “I’ll keep you in suspense” — the most direct challenge to the orderly transfer of power modern America has ever seen…

…Donald Trump is ending his campaign in an ever more inflammatory and destructive assault on American democracy. The end of his presidential dreams must come under an avalanche of anti-Trump votes on Nov. 8.

  • John Boehm 1 year ago

    God help us if he gets into the White House, he’ll turn back the advancements of the last
    100 years