October 21, 2016 Last Updated 9:15 am

MiMedia launches enhancements to platform, adds Adobe’s suite of photo editing tools

Over the next six months, MiMedia plans to unveil additional new features, including face and object recognition

New York, NY – October 20, 2016— MiMedia, dedicated to reinventing the cloud for consumers to easily manage, organize, access and share the digital content they care most about with family and friends in one awesome spot including photos, videos, music and documents, today announced the rollout of several new enhancements within the overall platform. Challenging Google Drive and iCloud’s “set it and forget it” approach to digital organization and storage, MiMedia’s new features prompt even more engagement and provides greater utility to users, making the platform an integral part of consumers’ daily lives for memory making and rediscovery.

mimedia-iconIn addition to its current automatic organization features, as well as the robust social networking platform, the company has added new capabilities for digital photo editing, content management, MiDrive enhancements with new personalization and design tools and expanded cross-platform operability on desktop, web and mobile. Among the key features MiMedia is announcing are:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Integration – MiMedia now offers Adobe’s full suite of photo editing tools for media editing
  • Enhanced MiDrive Design Options – Users can customize the title card with a variety of colors and fonts of their private drives, along with embedding a geotagged map, to better transform it into a digital visual story
  • This Day – The patented rediscovery tool showcases a user’s photos, videos and music from previous years in a beautiful montage, which can be shared with friends and family

MiMedia has also expanded its marquee web and desktop platform capabilities to now perform on mobile. One-click uploads from popular  social networks (including Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Google Photos) directly into MiMedia and geotagged maps for where each photo was taken are now live across iOS and computers. Users now have the choice to interact with their digital media, however they choose, with MiMedia’s full product suite available at all points of entry – creating a visually dynamic and interactive cloud unlike any other on the market.

“While other platforms focus on formal enterprise functionality, MiMedia continues to prioritize giving consumers a full range of customizable options to exercise editorial and artistic control over their digital media. No existing cloud provider on the market is looking to transform the consumer’s understanding of the cloud and its daily value like our platform,” stated Chris Giordano, CEO of MiMedia. “We believe the cloud should be an engaging destination where consumers want to linger and enjoy their digital media – not export their files for storage and never experience again. We will continue to innovate to bring consumers new tools to privately share and interact with their digital content, in an intimate, personalized experience that makes the cloud a fundamental platform for daily use on par with social media.”

Over the next six months, MiMedia plans to unveil additional new features, including face and object recognition; contacts and SMS store and restore; password protect to lock an entire media collection or individual files for greater privacy; photo collapsing technology that identifies the best photo taken in a batch of images, for built-in quality control; and a patented photo and video search and rediscovery tool to save users time when sharing media.

Currently, over 40 million pieces of digital content are stored on MiMedia, whose platform sees engagement of over 90% each month. Key features, including private “MiDrives” and Discover, which allows users to find content based on location and tagging, are growing the fastest with the company’s patented This Day technology, extending in-app sessions through built-in rediscovery of personal media. The newly launched Refer-A-Friend program grew over 340% since its launch and has proven to be a significant acquisition and retention channel.

For more information, visit mimedia.com or download the app on iOS or Android. The platform offers a Starter Plan with 10 GB for free and a Basic Plan with 500 GB for $7.99 per month or a Plus Plan with 1 TB for $9.99 per month. The company also recently announced the completion of its infrastructure’s transition to OpenStack.

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