October 18, 2016 Last Updated 2:53 pm

Vogue makes it first ever endorsement for president: Hillary Clinton

The Condé Nast fashion magazine has a rate base of 1.2 million, and now will discover what other publications have this election cycle – that the comment threads will fill up fast when talking politics

Didn’t see this one coming. The Condé Nast fashion magazine Vogue has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Yes, it is a first.

Vogue has no history of political endorsements. Editors in chief have made their opinions known from time to time, but the magazine has never spoken in an election with a single voice. Given the profound stakes of this one, and the history that stands to be made, we feel that should change,” the magazine said today in an unsigned editorial.

vogue-cover-300“Vogue endorses Hillary Clinton for president of the United States.”

The magazine’s endorsement follows other rare or first time endorsements.

About a dozen days ago The Atlantic also endorsed Clinton, only its third endorsement in its history that dates back to 1857.

Vogue used a photograph by Annie Leibowitz first used for its December 1993 issue in its endorsement editorial. Taken 13 years ago, I am sure the former Secretary of State is appreciative.

“Can Clinton unify a deeply divided America? Heal the wounds of this unbearably fraught political season? Our divisions are real, and it will take more than one intensely qualified leader to heal them,” Vogue’s endorsement concludes.

“And yet two words give us hope: Madam President. Women won the vote in 1920. It has taken nearly a century to bring us to the brink of a woman leading our country for the first time. Let’s put this election behind us and become the America we want to be: optimistic, forward-looking, and modern.”

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