October 18, 2016 Last Updated 12:30 pm

Parallax News unveils new e-mail brief with 3 unique viewpoints on presidential election

Daily digital publication looks to fight against political polarization by showing conflicting perspectives in one place

CHICAGO, Ill. – October 18, 2016 – Parallax News is a daily email brief that breaks major debates down into multiple perspectives. Parallax explains the viewpoints of politicians and experts from the left, right, center, or otherwise – in one place. This allows readers to better make up their own mind on issues. For the next month, it will cover contentious policy debates surrounding the 2016 Election.

Recent briefs have looked at: The Death Penalty / U.S. Economy / Obamacare for Undocumented Immigrants

America is more polarized today than at any time “in the last two decades.” Recent events such as allegations of the Facebook trending bias, concerns of algorithm bias, and the stark political divide of the 2016 election are a few examples. As America relies more and more on digital media for their news, Parallax aims to fight against political polarization by showing conflicting perspectives in one place.

“We created Parallax to expose readers to viewpoints they wouldn’t normally see, and probably don’t agree with. This can lead to constructive debate and a more nuanced understanding of society, regardless of your political beliefs,” says Michael P. Daley, publisher of Parallax News. “The idea behind our multi-perspective approach is that we feel like digital polarization and the so-called ‘filter bubble’ are big dangers to intelligent content and politics. The 2016 Election has been living proof that Americans are not having a cohesive argument.”

“This doesn’t mean that everybody needs to all of a sudden agree with one another,” Daley says that he does not expect that to happen any time soon. “But it’s pretty hard to achieve any progress if citizens are living in completely different political realities. That doesn’t only affect marquee issues like immigration, but also other crucial topics like infrastructure and education. Exposure to multiple perspectives is a healthier way to read about the world.”

Parallax News offers a free daily email brief, Monday-Friday, with the day’s top debate broken down into multiple perspectives. To subscribe to Parallax News daily emails, visit:http://subscribe.parallax.news/

Parallax is on Facebook , Twitter , and Medium as well.

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