October 17, 2016 Last Updated 4:31 pm

The Washington Post ‘Classic’ for iPad app remained ‘Print Edition’

Other media app updates include updates for the Tribune newspaper apps, and bug fix updates for Amazon’s iOS Kindle app, and another for MLB.com At Bat

The Washington Post has updated both its ‘Classic’ app, as well as its newer app which was originally launched for the Kindle Fire.

wapo-ipad-update-10-17-16“The Washington Post Classic for iPad is now The Washington Post Print Edition, focusing on a fast, simple way to read the morning paper. For breaking news and an all new digital experience, follow the instructions in the app to download The Washington Post Classic, now for iPad,” reads the app description.

The Post’s other app, simply called The Washington Post has added a ‘Newsworthy’ sticker pack for iMessage, as well as some icon and section design changes.

The changes look to be an attempt to simplify reader’s app choices, though I doubt everyone will be happy. Before, the “Classic’ app offered both a print replica edition, as well as an app version of the Post’s website – all in one app. The newer app, the one called The Washington Post, only offered the app version of the website.

Now, readers will need to have both apps. One developer’s idea of progress can be a reader’s idea of a step backwards.

Other media app updates:

Tribune Publishing – oops, I mean tronc – have updated their newspaper apps such as the Chicago Tribune and the LA Times to version 4.0. The updates have “updated section to section navigation, as well as bug fixes.

I might add that the apps appear not under the “tronc” (they insist on the lower case “t” even though most media outlets refuse to post it that way), nor does it appear under the old name of “Tribune Publishing.” Instead, they appear under the name Tribune Interactive, the name they gave a division that was to do development. What a mess.

More: Amazon has released a bug fix update fore the iOS Kindle app’ Forbes has updated Forbes Under 30; and MLB.com is still trying to fix bugs in their MLB.com At Bat app (which I am sure they will get right by Game 7 of the World Series).

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