October 17, 2016 Last Updated 2:09 pm

Rhiza launches “My Pundit,” free chatbot delivering data-driven facts on U.S. presidential election

Free virtual assistant integrates with Amazon’s Alexa, and includes voter registrations, aggregated polling data, a non-partisan issue tracker and a fact-checker

Pittsburgh, PA – October 17, 2016 – Rhiza, an online platform pioneering the way marketers and salespeople make Big Data actionable, today announced the launch of “My Pundit,” a free intelligent virtual assistant that provides data-rooted, spin-free information on the 2016 presidential election. “My Pundit” delivers statistically-sound information from a range of sources, including: The Washington Post’s fact-checker, ProCon.org, a nonpartisan tracker of candidates’ historic and current position on controversial issues, plus aggregated polling data from RealClearPolitics and registration data from L2.

mypundit-app-400“My Pundit” by Rhiza is a voice-based app on the Alexa platform that marries natural language processing and artificial intelligence. The resulting technology allows users to easily ask questions such as “Who is winning the U.S. presidential race, nationally or by state?” or “What do the candidates think of the flat tax?” and instantaneously receive a statistically accurate, data-rooted answer. Along with polling data and information on controversial issues, “My Pundit” allows users to access data on the age, gender, income, race and party affiliation of the U.S. electorate.

“The 2016 race to the White House is chock-full of lies, misleading polls and shrill punditry,” said Josh Knauer, CEO of Rhiza. “To provide more facts and less spin this election cycle, Rhiza developed ‘My Pundit’ with the intent of putting the power of data into the hands of the American electorate. We know that when people have access to good data, they make better decisions, and for that reason, we have made the tool available for free to all users.”

With this technology, the public can now access up-to-date information, including data that normally is only available to Rhiza’s enterprise customers, on the election without any editorial spin. “My Pundit” is a version of Rhizabot, an intelligent virtual assistant from Rhiza that allows users to reference data accurately, quickly and efficiently.

“My Pundit” by Rhiza is now available for installation on any Amazon Alexa-powered device such as the Echo or Tap, and even on mobile Alexa apps. To learn more about the tool, please visit: rhiza.com/pundit.

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