October 13, 2016 Last Updated 8:22 am

Shazam partners with music video platform Vadio to bring music video channels to service

PORTLAND, OR AND NEW YORK, NY – October 13, 2016 — Shazam, one word’s of the most popular apps with more than one billion downloads, and Vadio, a music video platform that drives digital engagement, today announced a partnership to introduce music video channels to hundreds of millions of Shazam users. With the Vadio partnership, Shazam is enabling its global audience to stream specially curated music video channels directly in the app.

“We continually look for new ways to expand the ways in which our users can discover music,” said Fabio Santini, Chief Product Officer for Shazam. “We want to give fans a great reason to spend more time with Shazam by giving them access to a rich and immersive music video experience. In turn, this creates new revenue opportunities for artists and, moreover, powerful ways of gaining exposure for brands.”

Vadio-powered video channels make it possible for people to consume music video content through the sites and apps they already use. By partnering with companies like Shazam, Vadio anticipates video views to skyrocket month over month. Vadio music video channels can be assembled in several different ways. Now when a person Shazams a song, they are presented with a music video channel. Video channels can also be curated by editors, automatically generated by trending data or built by brands to reflect genres or the interests and attributes of their audience segments.

With this partnership, Shazam is extending the opportunity to engage audiences in more than 190 countries with highly engaging videos of the latest artists and popular music from around the world. Currently, there are over 1,800 artists verified on Shazam that are sharing content with their over 3 billion cumulative followers. The addition of music video playlists powered by Vadio makes it possible for brands to connect audiences through content that is relevant, targeted and highly engaging.

“Introducing Vadio’s immersive music video experience into Shazam enables their audience to better engage with artists,” said Bryce Clemmer, co-founder and CEO at Vadio. “Shazam is the quintessential destination for music discovery with hundreds of millions of global users. By incorporating high quality video, Shazam is making it possible for brands and artists to provide new ways for its global audience to discover music.”

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