October 12, 2016 Last Updated 3:48 pm

CNN MoneyStream – CNN’s new personalized business news app

First look: New mobile and tablet app replaces the existing CNNMoney app, and has been released into both the Apple App Store and the Google Play stores

The cable news channel CNN has launched a new personalized business news app today for both iOS and Android. CNN MoneyStream is the kind of app we used to see launched all the time, before media companies began to pull back and concentrate almost exclusively on video apps.

cnn-moneystream-ipad“CNN MoneyStream is an app for fanatics. People are as passionate about business as they are about sports and CNN MoneyStream plays directly to those passions. It’s not just a news feed – it allows you to dive deeper into your obsessions – whether that’s markets, companies, or the heavy-hitters of industries,” said Andrew Morse, executive vice president of editorial of CNN U.S. and general manager of CNN Digital Worldwide. “So for example, you can choose to follow Apple or Starbucks or Sheryl Sandberg or John Legere. You can follow the latest news tied to oil prices or the latest tech companies shaking that sector. There’s nothing like it in the business news space.”

CNN MoneyStream replaces the existing CNNMoney app, and definitely provides a more modern app experience – and, of course, it is free of charge to download and use.

Key features of the new app include:

  • Customized streams bringing you the latest news on top companies, business leaders, the economy and markets in the form of articles, social media posts, videos and charts.
  • Award-winning coverage of financial, market & economic news from a wide range of sources including CNNMoney and other leading media outlets.
  • Unlimited market data with 13,000 companies, 5,400 indexes and 30,000 ETFs and mutual funds.
  • Alerts and breaking news notifications delivering up-to-date trading information.
  • Exclusive content and guest curated streams from the biggest names in business including Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, Howard Schultz and John Legere.

The new app has not received any user reviews yet inside the Apple App Store, but the old app got pretty good reviews, so this one should be well received, as well.

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