October 6, 2016 Last Updated 2:55 pm

BNP Media acquires Beverage World, BevOps Fleet Summit from Macfadden Comm.

The newly acquired B2B title and event will join BNP Media’s Food, Beverage, Packaging Group

TROY, Mich. – October 6, 2016 —BNP Media has acquired Beverage World as well as its successful BevOps Fleet Summit. Through this acquisition, BNP Media will continue to produce and expand the BevOps Fleet Summit, while merging Beverage World’s digital and print properties into BNP Media’s Beverage Industry.

sept16cover-44015037Under BNP Media’s ownership, there will be a combined, shared dedication to editorial excellence and integrity to help empower beverage market professionals through BNP’s resources and increase engagement across all media platforms.

The acquisition of Beverage World fits well with our new strategy of being customer-centric across our Food, Beverage, Packaging Group (FBP), ” says John Schrei, Publishing Director of BNP Media. “It allows us to continue on our path of placing our customers’ success at the center of our business philosophy, operations, products and ideas.”

FBP’s media and marketing solutions encompass every stage of the food, beverage and packaging manufacturing process, aligning client products and messaging with BNP audiences. The FBP builds stronger, mutually beneficial relationships with customers so that they can better identify and communicate with their intended customers.

“As we undergo this transition, BNP Media would like to thank the staff, contributors and advertisers who were a part of Beverage World’s long history in the business-to-business media market,” said Steve Pintarelli, Publisher of Beverage Industry and the Beverage Market & Media Leader for the FBP Group. “We are grateful for your contributions during its tenure and look forward to growing new and existing relationships.”

Under BNP Media Events, BNP will expand the production of BevOps Fleet Summit with the same goal it has for all BNP business meeting, conferences, tradeshows, workshops, webinars and industry events: to help professionals succeed in business. A learning and information sharing experience for warehousing operations and fleet management, the BevOps Fleet Summit will continue to address the business challenges and industry trends that are impacting today’s beverage market. Dates and location of the 12th annual event are yet to be determined, but under BNP Media Event’s leadership, the conference will continue to provide the opportunity to connect with peers, meet with solution providers and equip professionals with the tools and information needed to excel in the market.

“These acquisitions complement BNP Media’s strong presence in the Food, Beverage, Packaging Group,” said BNP Media co-CEO’s Harper, Mitchell and Taggart Henderson. “It is just another example of our commitment to build stronger, mutually beneficial relationships with customers so that they can better identify and communicate with their intended customers.

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