September 29, 2016 Last Updated 9:24 am

Edition Digital to offer NGOs free use of its Smart Digital Publishing System

London, UK – September 29, 2016 – Edition Digital, a SaaS publishing platform and content hub solution provider, is proud to be empowering its social impact. By providing its cloud-based content hub service free of charge for NGOs, the company hopes that its innovative technology will expand the digital presence of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and make their voices heard even further.

At Edition Digital we feel it is very important that NGOS have their voice heard and their messages delivered to a wide audience who can make a difference and help on the  one hand, and to the people in need on the other. And we believe new technology can certainly help to achieve this goal and better equip NGOs on their mission.


This is the reason why our company has decided to offer NGOs free use of the new content hub solution we’ve just launched. We believe that extending their digital presence will empower the expertise, capacity and knowledge of NGOs and help to promote economic growth, social change and general progress.

“Our whole philosophy is based on knowledge sharing, and we’ve already presented an ‘Edition Digital for Students’ plan which welcomes students from all around the world with the free use of our Smart Digital Publishing System. We’ve made this decision because we truly believe their ideas are the ones that will shape the world of tomorrow.” said Rok Pulevic, CEO of Edition Digital and he added: “So for us, empowering NGOs was the next logical step.”

A content hub is a solution that offers a slick alternative to more traditional online communication channels such as a websites, blogs and social media. With absolutely no coding, Edition Digital’s content hub solution can be implemented within a day. The user works with just  one web application that enables them  to create, edit, and manage a collection of different entries such as  links to websites and blog posts, videos, social media feeds, quotes, surveys, sign-up forms, as well as your own articles and digital editions with just a few clicks. These are the features which we strongly believe will benefit NGOs, help them to achieve their goals and contribute to their purposes in advanced community development.

Non-profits and non-governmental organisations qualified for free use are:

We welcome all NGOs that can provide an official document of establishment. The organisations must also have a mission to benefit global and local communities. Their activities can include (but are not limited to): promoting human rights, highlighting problematic issues, encouraging education, raising awareness about sustainable development, improving social welfare, and preserving culture and the environment.

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