September 28, 2016 Last Updated 12:30 pm

Apple releases iOS 10 update to fix bugs, developers release their own iOS 10 related fixes

Every year this crap happens. Apple releases a new version of iOS and developers scramble to make sure their apps don’t crash. I think for many, including me, this initially felt like progress – constantly updated software meant incremental improvements, feature additions, and steadier software.

But it is also exhausting. Nothing can get a developer to want to crawl back into bed than knowing their apps are suddenly randomly crashing. That’s life, I guess, and it is certainly better than the Android platform where getting access to an update is dependent on your carrier or phone manufacturer. It is the fatal flaw of Android for me.


Apple’s iOS 10 update is pretty self explanatory, so let’s more on to the boatloads of media app recently updated. Real Estate: This app may not be considered a “media” app by some, but it Move, Inc. is now owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, and its mere presence takes business away from local newspapers. This update is a major one bringing the app up to version 10.0.0 (nicely aligned with the iOS number) and adds Apple Watch support as well as makes the app iOS 10 compliant.

Watchup: Daily News Video Stream: This update fixes a bug where the player would not load the first video of your newscast.

Flipboard: The content aggregation app’s first iOS 10 update which also adds the Flipboard widget.

Barron’s: Your basic iOS 10 bug fix update that says it also adds some “small design enhancements.”

BBC News: Fixes for iOS 10 notifications and bug fixes.

CNN App for iPhone: A much needed bug fix app update as this one has been getting hammered by users of late.

Glose – social eBook Reader: This is the app’s second iOS 10 update. This one says it has a better iMessage app, and fixes sentence search results for sample books.

News Pro: Microsoft’s work news mobile app gets a major update that brings it up to version 3.0. Lots in this one including support for infinite scroll, personalization of the highlight page, and more.

NPR News: A second iOS 10 related update to fix bugs.

Rolling Stone Magazine: First iOS 10 update also includes a new menu design.

Star Touch by Toronto Star: The app for the Canadian newspaper uses the La Presse+ platform. This update adds iPad Pro support.

ABC – Watch Live TV: The update adds back in Chromecast support. At Bat: The always controversial baseball app is the first for iOS 10. It adds enhanced notifications with 3D Touch, and mentions the iMessage sticker pack for the Message app. I haven’t had too much trouble with the apps this year, but the online site now delivers so much advertising as to make it virtually unusable.

Roku: The app update accompanies the launch of some new players including Roku Express and Roku Express+, which supports TVs with A/V inputs. Roku is also allowing pre-orders for the Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra. If the company has solved its overheating problems I will be happy, but so far every model of Roku I’ve ever owned has over heated. I have my current model propped up in order to try and keep it cool. Why they haven’t solved this issue after all these years is beyond me.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for iPad: Optimized for the iPhone 7.

Note: Adobe Photoshop has an interesting conflict with the new Mac operating system, macOS Sierra: the Cmd+Space keyboard shortcut in macOS Sierra launches both Siri and the Zoom In tool for Photoshop. Oops. The work around is, of course, to change the keyboard shortcut for Siri.

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