September 27, 2016 Last Updated 8:38 am

Debate ratings expected to be huge, snap polls too poorly conducted to reveal much

The first of three debates revealed what was already known, one candidate trades on preparation and experience, the other on emotion, and the voters are locked into choices

Yesterday’s first presidential debate allowed many in the media to sleep more soundly last night. The media consensus was that the Republican candidate would be in over his head, while his opponent would be, at the very least, prepared.

As for who “won” the debate, that we still don’t know, mainly because what few polls have been conducted and released are clearly to be discounted. CNN, for instance, said that 62 percent of those surveyed said Clinton “did the best job in the debate,’ to 27 percent for Trump. But their poll, made up of 521 registered voters was heavily skewed towards the Democrats.


PPP’s poll was no better. It, too, showed that those surveyed thought Clinton performed best. But the PPP polls was also heavily skewed towards the Democrats, so when you take that into account one could easily conclude that one’s opinion of who won the debate was entirely based on what one’s opinion was going into the debate.

As many as 100 million viewers were expected to watch last night’s debate, though the fact that over 120 million cast ballots for president in the last election means many voters will still vote without having seen the debate (especially so when you consider that of the 199 million viewers, some will not be eligible to vote).

As for online polls, forget about getting any useful information from them as they are being hammered by supporters of both candidates, but especially Trump supporters. If they are to believed, Clinton will be lucky to win any states in November.

As for media pundits, that is where Clinton won hands down. Most US newspapers today produced fairly bland front pages, with the phrase “the gloves came off” being a favorite headline. Of interest to be was that the NY Post, a staunch Trump supporter, had to admit their candidate performed poorly.

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