September 26, 2016 Last Updated 2:31 pm

Rods and Cones updates digital magazine app to show off current version of Twixl Publisher

The Out of Chaos Magazine was first released into the App Store a year ago, and has since added iPhone support for their quarterly magazine

The first four or so years of publishing TNM was all about searching the App Store, and specifically the Newsstand, for interesting new digital magazines and newspapers to write about. But thanks to Apple killing off the Newsstand, and leaving the Magazines & Newspapers category a mess, the number of new and interesting digital publications began to dwindle – so much so that it is a very rare event when I write about a digital magazine or newspaper app.

tooc-splashOne of the last apps I wrote about was from the color management consultancy Rods and Cones from Santa Cruz, California (where I recently dropped off my daughter for her sophomore year at UCSC). Their magazine, called The Out of Chaos Magazine, uses the Twixl digital publishing platform.

Twixl Publisher is very much like other InDesign based platforms in that with a plug-in one can create digital publications. The company’s new solution is called Twixl Publisher 5, or tP Twixl, and so with the new platform has come an update for The Out of Chaos Magazine.

tooc-editThe big change is that now all articles are downloadable.

“We wanted to show how our magazine can be transformed with this new platform,” said Erica Aitken, who is credited with both editing and design. “We will still publish issues on a (more or less) quarterly basis, but the the content of all of the issues will also be offered in theme-specific collections. We now also offer a version of each issue that can be read on screen.”

Back in September of last year when I first looked at the digital magazine, Aitken, who along with Son Do is co-founder of Rods and Cones, said that she was exploring a smartphone version. The iPhone version was released with the version 2.02 update that came along in February of this year.

The Out of Chaos Magazine is still free to download, and so I strongly recommend it, especially if you have any interest in color management or press issues. There is a great article called “The Live of Blue” in the current issue, for instance.

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