September 22, 2016 Last Updated 10:04 am

MAZ launches new app publishing platform: Phoenix

Empowering publishers to move away from digital replica apps, Phoenix transforms static magazines into native app experiences, without relying on PDF or InDesign layouts

NEW YORK, NY – September 22, 2016 — Media technology company MAZ, launched a new app publishing platform called Phoenix that empowers publishers to move away from digital replica apps by reimagining their magazines for the mobile age. By transforming static magazines into truly native app experiences, without relying on antiquated PDF or InDesign layouts, Phoenix provides a modern user experience with no additional production required.

Phoenix was built from the ground up for today’s mobile-first audience. Print publishers need to meet the growing expectations of their digital readers with well designed, flexible layouts that look perfect on any screen. Phoenix’s “Auto Layout” optimizes articles for the particular device and screen orientation where it is being viewed. Publishers can also add in news feeds, video, ecommerce, podcasts, and other types of media to supplement their magazine issues. Phoenix emphasizes an ongoing flow of content, giving users a reason to check the app often with features like “Interactive Push Notifications” and “Save For Later” which syncs across devices. For instance, a user could save a video on their phone and then watch it later on TV.


Phoenix is compatible with all major web CMS solutions including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla and also offers a unique “PDF to Feed” conversion engine that transforms InDesign layouts into dynamic feeds. Phoenix supports in-app purchases, subscriptions, paywalls, and user authentication. It also includes advertising and sponsorship tools that can help grow mobile revenue.

“When we started MAZ in 2010, ‘digital magazine’ meant a big, fixed layout iPad app where the only thing you could do was flip the pages,” said MAZ CEO, Paul Canetti. “Phoenix has been created from scratch for the mobile screen, here in 2016, looking to the years ahead. We believe this is what a digital magazine should look like today.”

Phoenix is available to publishers starting today and will soon premiere on the App Store with the upcoming release of Forbes, powered by Phoenix, which will replace their existing PDF-based app.

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